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Terms and Conditions of Attendance

The parent / guardian understands that their child is to be in attendance from 9 am to 3 pm, Mondays to Fridays, from Monday 3rd July to Friday 21st July 2017. It is expected that their child will participate in the end of camp musical concert on Saturday 22nd July at the Ebenezer Methodist Church commencing at 7:30pm promptly.

The child has the option of bringing their own food to the camp, or purchasing their food from the school’s cafeteria, if it is made available by Christ the King High School. No child is allowed to leave the compound at any time for any reason (unless permission is given by the Camp’s Director, AND is accompanied by their parent / guardian).

By agreeing to attend the summer camp, the parent / guardian understands that their child is to conduct themselves in a manner that is socially acceptable. Should a child break the rules of acceptable social behaviour, such as stealing, lying, misconduct or general bad behaviour, the Director has the sole discretion to remove the said child from the summer programme without a refund of the time remaining.

Persons registering for the camp could also purchase tickets for our end of camp concert! To purchase concert tickets contact Ms. Valerie Edwards at 268-464-2516 or stop by at the camp during regular camp hours. Tickets are only $50 EC!

Camp registration is EC $600. Register today!

*Please note the registration process will not be complete until payments are received via Scotia Bank Antigua via BNS Account #1004048*