Vanessa Ravanello

Vanessa RavanelloVanessa Ravanello left her native England in 1968 and arrived on the shores of Antigua by yacht.  She studied both the violin and piano at the Royal Academy of Music in London, England.

She taught music at Sunny Side School and privately before retiring from music to open a restaurant.  She spent the next 25 years as head chef.  However, the call of music was too strong, and it was answered once more when she returned to teaching her beloved violin and piano.

Along with Valerie Edwards, she co – founded the Young People’s Orchestra in 2012, and then again, the Antigua String Orchestra in 2016, with the sole intention of creating a platform for the children of Antigua and Barbuda whereby they will gain the needed exposure for their musical development.  She collaborates with Ms Edwards in the Antigua String Quartet, in which she plays the first violin.  The String Quartet can be seen playing at church, concerts, weddings and funerals.